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Basic Boyles

The Boyle Basic frame is made of rigid, tubular steel with special electrostatic powder coating. Large, antistatic castor wheels fitted with brakes provide easy mobdity and stability. Long tube rotating bobbin rotameters calibrated in doubleltriple scale offer accuracy and clarity in reading..

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Datex Ohmeda AS3

Ventilator: Ascending ("standing") bellows, dual circuit, pneumatically-driven ventilator with tidal volume corrected for leaks, compliance, and fresh gas flow (by D-Lite sensor at Y-piece). Modes VCV, PCV, SIMV, Manual/Spontaneous. Accurate to very low tidal volumes (20-1400 mL). The "bag/vent" switch activates the mechanical ventilator in one step..

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datex ohmeda aestiva_5

The easy-to-use SmartVent ventilator offers Pressure and Volume modes, and can ventilate neonates, trauma and compromised patients..

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Ohemeda Modulus II

Includes the Selectatec Manifold that accommodates up to three Tec 4 or Tec 5 vaporizers Also integrates oxygen, apnea/ volume and blood pressure monitors into one centralized panel.

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