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Siemens 300/A

Patient Range Selection - Adult/Pediatric/Neo-natal Supported and Controlled Ventilation Modes Regulated Volume Control if patient stops breathing Automatic Switch from Volume Support to Pressure Optional Graphic Display .

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T-Bird VS/VSo2

Mode: Control, Assist/Control, SIMV/CPAP, OFF Breath Rate: 0 to 150 bpm Flow: 5 to 100 L/min Inspiratory Time: 0.1 to 3.0 sec. Tidal Volume : 50 to 2000 ml .

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VIP Bird Gold/Sterling

Volume Cycled mode which consists of ASSIST/CONTROL and SIMV/CPAP Time Cycled which consists of IMV/CPAP Waveforms: square, decelerating Operating Range of Controls: Apnea Switch 10 to 60 sec.; Assist Sensitivity Pressure Triggered 1 to 20 cmH2O, OFF; .

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Puritan Bennett 7200

Invasive Modes Advanced Micro-Processor Controlled Unit Fit for Intensive care Unit Three wave form supported Sine, Squire & Descending Ramp Optional Graphic Display .

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