Products Category: Neonatal

BearCub 750/PS/PSV

Integrated Synchronized Ventilation,Tidal Volume Monitoring,Independent Base & Inspiratory Flows ,Internal Battery Back-Up,Exclusive Volume Limit,Assist Control,Flow Cycled AC,SIMV/IMV,Flow Cycled SIMV,CPAP,SIMV with Pressure Support.

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Infant Star 500/950

Time-cycled, pressure-limited ventilator. Features dual microprocessors Adjustable background flow Heated exhalation block Internal battery backup Pneumatic Controls and Pressure Monitors .

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Draeger Babylog 8000

Conventional ventilation: continuous flow, pressure-limited, time-cycled Triggered ventilation: SIMV, SIPPV, PSV1), leak adapted High Frequency Ventilation: CPAP+HFV, IMV+HFV Oxygen mixer loss (bleed flow): 0 (zero) L/min .

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