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HP Codemaster

The Codemaster XL+ combines a DC defibrillator/cardioscope, an annotated recorder and hands-off defibrillation capabilities into a single, high-performance unit.

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PhysioControl LP9

The Lifepak 9 is defibrillator/monitor, cardioscope and non-invasive pacemaker. It provides 17 energy selections, heart rate alarms, three-lead ECG monitoring, recorder and Code Summary™ critical event recorder..

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Philips HeartStart

The Philips HeartStart XL defibrillator/monitor, at just under 14 pounds, is easily transported throughout the hospital to the site where cardiac care is needed. A combination manual device with automated external defibrillator capabilities, HeartStart XL enables the first caregiver on the scene, whether an ALS or BLS clinician, to deliver lifesaving defibrillation therapy..

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Zoll PD 2000

The Smallest, Lightest, Most Advanced Defibrillator Monitor Ever Made.

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